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Around midnight on 4/23/24, a campfire escaped and ignited a propane tank.  There was a loud explosion(s) and propelled the fire to great heights and into the Salt Cedar hedge around tub site #6. It burned fast and furious and then died down.   We prevented a possible disaster due to roads in the tub site area that acted as fire breaks, our continued brush removal and clearing practices, and employee initial attack.   Additionally, the Benton Volunteer Fire Department, Cal Fire, US Forest Service, Bishop Fire Department and other local agencies responded to help with extinguishing, mopping up and clearing burned trees.  As a result, only tub site #6 was affected.  All the brush/salt cedar hedges around the site are gone.  There was no damage to the tub itself or any other tub site or structure. We have cleaned and cleared the site.  The Salt Cedars are re-sprouting and the grass has returned.  Additionally, we have planted many cottonwoods so there will be new growth and vitality around the tub site.   We have installed privacy screens, large old stumps and old farming equipment to enhance privacy and ambience of the site.  There is a temporary shade shelter erected and a permanent shelter is being constructed.  Therefore, there will be more shade at mid day and late afternoon than previously.  The site has changed but it is 
the same water, better views and is still amazing.    

We are working diligently to keep the vibe alive!!

PLEASE,  please be careful with fire!  Always drown your fire before going to bed.  Don't leave your fire unattended. If it becomes windy, please extinguish your fire or do not build a fire.    Please respect our decision to prohibit fires due to weather conditions.